A mix by Shakeeb Abu Hamdan

Today, on the 7th of March at 8 PM gallery presents a mix by Shakeeb Abu Hamdan compiled from his own compositions.

Shakeeb Abu Hamdan is an artist, musician and recording engineer living in Beirut, Lebanon. His live performances centre around the use of drums, metal objects, bells and cymbals augmented and amplified with surface transducers, microphones, pitch and modulation effects, cheap looping megaphones and other low-tech electronics.
He also works on sound design and music for performance and film.
He was artist in residence at “SODAS 2123” & “Empty Brain Resort” in November/December 2021.

This mix for “Rasos Radio” features a set of compositions and sketches made by Abu Hamdan to accompany a performance work, “Studies on the Movement of a Group” by artist Ghida Hachicho. The performance uses choreographed movements to investigate the codes, behavioral patterns, interactions and dynamics of groups and swarms, both animal and human. The pieces in this mix use heavily processed and edited found sounds and field recordings as their source material – flamingo calls, penguin chirps and beehive hum amongst others.