‘exp’ | Why does architecture speak snakish?

On the 17th of March at 8 PM ‘Rasos Radio’ in collaboration with Architektūros fondas presents new radio series – ‘exp’.

‘exp’ is a series of audio stories which present the creative processes of Architektūros fondas initiative “Experiments’ platform”. Each talk invites you to delve deeper into rethinking architecture, looking for experimental approaches and discovering personal experiences of experiments’ contributors. While listening, we invite you to explore visual documentation of the Experiments’ platform processes which are available on the website: exp.archfondas.lt

expand exploring experience.

1st Episode:

‘exp’ | Why does architecture speak snakish?

In the first show, curator of 2021 program Augusta Fišerytė and Martynas Germanavičius talk to the participants of the Experiments’ platform Anta Marija Antanavičiūtė and Julija Račiūnaitė, in which they will present their experimental-artistic research Why does architecture speak snakish?