Joana Kairienė ‘… and then you went for a walk with me…’

Hide, pretend to be a tree, don’t move. Do you hear the gunshots? Be less visible. It’s not safe in the forest, be quiet. Don’t feel that way. The dog is barking, why is it barking? Which animal is breathing here? Where is the water from? Immediately the rain will wash everything away. Stop being. An airplane broom of smokes in the sky. Don’t wake up please. Even longer. I’m not safe. I want to be you. I imitate. Food. Peace. The headphones spilled out of my ears. Maybe we’re back? In a hurry, sweat, I get sick. I’m not safe. And what is security? When will we be inseparable?

On December 16th at 9 pm on the ‘Rasos Radio’ Joana Kairienė’s work ‘… and then you went for a walk with me…’. The work is based on sound documentary. The collection of sound recordings was compiled by exploring sounds of daily activities, nature, the city and man, adding to it imitations. It’s an audio track for the imaginary image.

This project is funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Joana Kairienė is an artist, a member of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association , she is creating at the ‘SODAS 2123’ cultural complex. In her work she experiments with different media, examines human feelings and their relationship with the surrounding events.