Kanioni i Pyetjeve (Canyon of Questions)

‘Rasos Radio’ gallery (rasuradijas.lt) together with AMALBIA* presents a sonic collaboration in two volumes:

  • First part ‘Kanioni i Pyetjeve’ (Canyon of Questions) will be streamed comming Sunday , the 19th of December at 8PM.
  • Second part ‘Lengu i Jetes’ (Fluid of Life) will be streamed on the 26th of December at 8PM.

Not so long ago, during PULCRA PLLAJË’s AGÛA VIVA **, a conspiracy of ‘pllâjërs’ cascaded into a canyon in Nivicë, an ancient Albanian hamlet home to the rare Egyptian Vulture aka the Pharaoh’s Chicken, sniffing corpse flowers and fetching fidgety mantises along the way. Soon a geological delirium of slopes, valleys, cliffs, faults, rock walls, waterfalls and river scriptures enchanted their kinship senses as they meandered down & finally settled on a limestone boulder at the entrance of a bewildering gorge. Illuminated by earthshine, informed by sensorial perception, they began to confabulate an entanglement of sounds, ideas and melodies via echolalia, improvisation, mimicry and contemplation, drawing immediate inspiration from the surrounding stratification, the living landscape.

Players: Oliver Bulas, Casper Clausen, Andrew de Freitas, Raquel Dimantas, Luka Ivanovic, Deborah Ruffato, Melanie Matthieu, all the fauna & flora we encountered on our trip
Instruments: singing saw, voice, phone, rocks, sticks, wind, water etc.
Edit: Melanie Matthieu, Casper Clausen & Andrew de Freitas
Mix: Casper Clausen
Notes: we included excerpts from Diane Cook’s extraordinary novel ‘The New Wilderness’
All audio was recorded live in the Albanian mountains during August 2020 & October 2021
Thank you Planet Earth, Camp Nivica, Bujtina mbi Kanion, Aoos River

AMALBIA is an autonomous open air project space situated in Labëria, a mountainous region in southwestern Albania, a subalpine paradise about a thousand metres above sea level, sitting on a mesmerising plateau far away from our urban brouhaha. A wild wonderland for nature loving, free-spirited sentient beings of all sorts.AMALBIA envisions to become a sympoietic community experiment organised according to quintessential prerequisites for sustainable forms of cohabitation in our day and age, such as coexistence, ecology, liquidity, perspectivism, symbiosis,…as well as care & play in all its forms.

**PULCRA PLLAJË’s AGÛA VIVA is a continuously waxing autonomous residency, refuge + platform for more-than-human experimentation where individuals and collectives can spend time, work, play, gather, shelter, study, research and retreat at AMALBIA year-long. AGÛA VIVA is AMALBIA’s multinatural harvesting festival celebrating Earth’s fifth season.