Mareko Voidos ir Local Girls koncerto archyvas

Archive of a concert by Marek Voida and Local Girls at cultural complex ‘Sodas 2123’, on the 21st of July, 2021.
Marekas Voida is one of the founders of ‘ARIEL INK’, a designer, artist and printer, a resident of ‘SODAS 2123’. ‘Usually it is possible to hear Marek in not so ordinary events while playing not so defined music, which at first glance may not seem like dance music, but in the end sounds like a sophisticated and rich disco’. (Muk, Ore.lt)

Kotryna Briedytė and Ekvilina Milaševičiūtė – ‘Local girls’ is a project of two interdisciplinary artists, DJs and music producers. They have been curating the ‘Small Talk’ series of events since 2018, which researches the field of experimental electronic music in Lithuania.