Playlist by Heta Bilaletdin: Manipulating time

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Loops, repetition, slo-mo, fast forward, multiple timelines, hypnosis, reverse chronology, flashbacks, broken metronomes, recycled sounds, crossing timezones, skipping hours, non-linear dreamy state, non-human time, undoing, free time, waste of time

Sound as an emergency exit

Strictly speaking time does not exist (except within the limit of the present), yet we have to submit to it. Such is our condition. We are subject to that which does not exist. Whether it is a question of passively borne duration—physical pain, waiting, regret, remorse, fear—or of organized time—order, method, necessity—in both cases that to which we are subject does not exist. But our submission exists. We are really bound by unreal chains. Time which is unreal casts over all things including ourselves a veil of unreality. (Simone Weil: Gravity and Grace)

Playlist by Heta Bilaletdin: Manipulating time

Roope Eronen: Arriving in The Snowball Nebula

Sea Urchin: Solar hype dance ( fragment from the side A )

Babau: Pineapple Problem

Actress: Many Seas, Many Rivers (feat Sampha)

Anima: Not Only One

Niagara: Ano C

Manoir Molle: voir aver une bonne loupe

Tirzah: Tectonic

Hunter Jacquard: The History of Art History

C. Memi + Neo Matisse: Dreams Dream

Luokkanen & Tanner: Kuughme

Maximum Ernst: Signal Thru Flames

Olli Aarni: Mato syö lehteä

Mika Taanila: Presents