Raw Folders #1

On the 8th of August, 2021, at 8 p.m. internet radio ‘Rasų radijas’ presents new radio show called ‘Raw Folders’.

‘Raw Folders’ is a radio show by Gintas K where he selected unreleased albums or raw sound material of already released ones. The shows will feature live recordings from the past few years.

The first ‘Raw Folders’ episode – ‘Screaming guitar and underwater’

Back in the nineties, Gintas K was the founding member of ‘Modus’, a pioneering Lithuanian industrial band that still remains something of a legend, which is not surprising given the superb quality and boldly experimental nature of its recordings. Eventually Gintas K switched to solo work in the areas of psychoacoustics, microsound, noise and post-techno.
Info: www.mic.lt

The main aim of the project ‘Rasų Radijas’ (‘Rasos Radio’) is to reveal the extensive database of sound that has been accumulating at the Cultural Centre SODAS 2123. It also strives to make visible the various forms and expressions of sound art and sound experiments in Lithuania, a range of other interdisciplinary topics.