Adomas Palekas and Hugo Lioret – „Plyštantis laikas“

On the 18th of March at 8pm „Rasos Radio“ gallery presents a piece by Adomas Palekas and Hugo Lioret – „Plyštantis laikas“

„Plyštantis laikas“ is a sound collage composed of field recordings and duo’s recent live performance in Amsterdam, 2021.
In the author’s eyes, the piece is like a single breath – one deep inhale and one very slow exhale. As you exhale, time changes – it staggers, ruptures, continues, and eventually seems to stop. This also reflects the day-to-day practices of the artists, which help to release anxiety to stay optimistic and to focus during this painful period.

BIO: Hugo Lioret (FR) is an electroacoustic composer, musician, field recordist and sound artist currently studying at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague. Hugo is deeply involved in music mediation and interested specifically in the live production of sound processing techniques, using the sounds around him as his material.

BIO: Adomas Palekas (Vilnius,LT) – sound artist, electronic engineer and biotechnologist working at the intersection between science and art. His current focus is sonifications – sonic embodiment of processes, objects or even chemical reactions, that often have little connection with music or sound.